Mitigate Errors with Qermit

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Reduce Quantum Noise

The simplest way to reduce the impact of noise in a quantum circuit is to reduce the number of quantum gates in the circuit; therefore, TKET’s circuit optimization methods are an important tool to minimize the impact of noise when using NISQ hardware. However, this is not the whole story.

Qermit is an open-source python module which implements specially designed error mitigation protocols which can improve the accuracy of quantum computations implemented on NISQ devices. These protocols can improve mean circuit fidelity or give better estimates of expected values of observables. qermit’s composable design allows users to mix and match protocols without having to adapt their circuit or algorithm design.

By virtue of being implemented on the TKET platform, qermit may be used with a wide range of quantum hardware and in conjunction with several common quantum software development kits.

Qermit seamlessly integrates error mitigation into experiments built on the TKET platform.

Current protocols

The error mitigation protocols presently available through qermit include Zero-Noise Extrapolation, Probabilistic Error Cancellation, Clifford Data Regression and State Preparation and Measurement error correction, as well as a host of others. An experiment in qermit is constructed as a data flow graph. Each vertex represents a sub-process, such as circuit generation, which is required to run an experiment. Edges move data between sub-processes and vertices may be amended to adapt the protocol where necessary. Graphs and sub-graphs may also be reused in other original error mitigation protocols. This ensures the extensibility of qermit, allowing for simple combinations of error mitigation protocols and the facilitation of new protocol prototyping.

We’re accelerating the future of quantum together