Quantinuum Announces Chief Commercial Officer to Lead Sales, Marketing and Business Development

September 6, 2022

Quantinuum Announces Chief Commercial Officer to Lead Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Quantinuum, one of the world’s largest, and the leading quantum computing company, welcomed a new member of the executive team today as Nathan Cobb joins the company as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).  

Nathan will be responsible for leading Quantinuum’s aggressive growth plan for optimizing go-to-market efforts and maximizing revenue. In addition, he will be responsible for evangelizing what’s possible with quantum computing as we enter the fourth industrial revolution. 

Nathan has led sales teams at SAP, Apple, Oracle, and EY where he developed growth strategies, led change management efforts and built strategic partnerships.

“Nathan joins us as we consolidate and extend our lead in the industry with the most advanced quantum hardware in the world supported by essential tools such as TKET, the most popular quantum software development kit, and of course our rapidly growing suite of emerging software applications, such as InQuanto, our quantum computational chemistry application, and Quantum Origin, our cybersecurity solution,” said Ilyas Khan, CEO. “We are thrilled to have Nathan on the team, and I am personally looking forward to working closely with him”.

Cobb expanded SAP North America’s Platform and Technology division by building propensity models and reorganizing sales territories. He also developed strategic alliances to expand SAP into reseller channels to drive annual recurring revenue. 

“I am honored to join Quantinuum at this crucial moment in the industry,” said Cobb. “The company has built the highest-performing, most fully integrated quantum solution on the market and is putting all the right elements in place to scale it.” 

“Our people are our most important asset and they always come first,” said Tony Uttley, president and COO. “We are looking forward to having Nathan’s expertise in supporting our incredible team and attracting more of the smartest people in the field.”

Over the last eight months, Quantinuum has made significant progress with the H1 quantum computer, Powered by Honeywell. These accomplishments include upgrading the H1-1 to 20 qubits, making advancements in real-time quantum error correction and increasing the quantum volume of the H1-2 to 4096.

In addition to these hardware improvements, Quantinuum has announced quantum solutions for cybersecurity and chemistry in recent months. Quantum Origin is a cryptographic key generation platform that uses quantum computers to deliver superior cybersecurity protection for organizations. InQuanto is a software platform for quantum chemistry that allows users to experiment with the latest quantum algorithms, advanced subroutines and chemistry-specific noise-mitigation techniques to test real-world use cases.

About Quantinuum

Quantinuum is one of the world’s largest integrated quantum computing companies, formed by the combination of Honeywell Quantum Solutions’ world-leading hardware and Cambridge Quantum’s class-leading middleware and applications. Science-led and enterprise-driven, Quantinuum accelerates quantum computing and the development of applications across chemistry, cybersecurity, finance and optimization. Its focus is to create scalable and commercial quantum solutions to solve the world’s most pressing problems in fields such as energy, logistics, climate change, and health. The company employs over 480 individuals, including over 350 scientists, at eight sites across the United States, Europe, and Japan.