Benefit from encryption, backed by quantum, today.

Harness the power of quantum to generate verifiably random data which no one can predict


The data disaster

Every year, more than 7.9 billion data records are stolen or exposed by hackers. For public companies, the cost of a data breach has now reached an eye-watering $116M. Nation-states are becoming routinely involved in sophisticated attacks, and companies have found themselves under attack, simply as a route through to another valuable target.

Regulations are increasing

Regulators and privacy bodies now impose heavy fines on companies that lose personal data. Regulations like GDPR are starting to bite and in the last few years, we have seen multiple $100M fines issued around the world.

Companies can no longer afford to be the subject of a mega-breach. Between the cost of the fines and the technical remediation, breaches are now existential threats.

Existing keys are weak

Cybersecurity relies on layers of defense to defeat attackers. The foundations of your security are the cryptographic keys that encrypt your most sensitive information.

Randomness is at the heart of key generation, as keys must be completely unguessable to an attacker. Today, companies use randomness generation that is not truly random. Researchers have uncovered nearly half a million certificates in active use that are completely broken due to poor randomness.

The quantum threat

In 5 to 10 years, quantum computers will break the encryption systems we use today, according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Unfortunately, these attacks work retrospectively, as data sent today can be decrypted in the future.

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Simulate, Emulate, Validate

The answer is quantum

We have addressed these threats head-on with our Quantum Origin quantum key generation platform. We use modern-day quantum computers, from any vendor, to produce strong cryptographic keys.

Quantum Origin harnesses the power of quantum mechanics to generate verifiably random data, which no one can predict.

Secure today, secure tomorrow

Quantum Origin can withstand today’s threats, as well as tomorrow’s, even when attackers have access to powerful quantum computers. Quantum Origin keys remain completely unpredictable and offer a secure solution, although we publish the details of how our algorithms work.

That’s true security. We don’t rely on secret methods or clever tricks, just quantum randomness.

Easy integration

Quantum Origin is a cloud-hosted platform that integrates easily with existing cryptographic systems. In most cases, you won’t need to adjust your application to work with our quantum-derived keys.

Quantum Origin can generate standard cryptographic keys, such as those used in AES or RSA, as well as those utilized in post-quantum algorithms. This means our platform can integrate today without any difficulty. We can also support your transition to quantum-proof algorithms over time.