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Our cybersecurity solution, Quantum Origin, produces the strongest cryptographic keys on the planet. Future-proof your organization and protect your data — and your customers’ data.

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PureVPN takes a quantum leap in cybersecurity.

In collaboration with Quantinuum, PureVPN enhances security for nearly 3 million users and sees a 40% increase in sales inquiries.

Concerned with cyber threats to encryption posed by quantum computers, PureVPN, a global virtual private network provider with customers in 78 countries, took cyber protection to the next level by implementing Quantinuum’s cryptographic key generation platform — Quantum Origin.


Three weeks from product identification to implementation


No downtime in service


Sales inquiries increased by 40% after rollout

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By partnering with Quantinuum, our customers can browse the internet, confident their data is getting quantum-grade protection.”

Uzair Gadit
Co-founder & CEO

The quantum threat to encryption

Quantum computers will break current encryption standards.

Many of the encryption systems we use today are based on mathematical problems which are easy to solve in one direction but intractable in the other. For today's computers this encryption is effectively impossible to decrypt because it would take an unreasonable amount of time to find the solution — thousands of years.

Quantum computers work differently, and a powerful and stable quantum computer would be able to decrypt these mathematical problems in a reasonable amount of time — weeks. This would completely break the bedrock of current cybersecurity systems.

What is “hack now, decrypt later”?

“Hack now, decrypt later” describes an attack where adversaries acquire encrypted data as it passes through networks and store it for future decryption once a powerful quantum computer becomes available. It is believed that hack-now, decrypt-later attacks have already commenced. In fact, data that is continuously being transmitted around the world continues to rely upon quantum-vulnerable algorithms.

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