Our scientists are solving problems with quantum computing that are too complex for classical machines. Science led, our focus is to create scalable and commercial quantum solutions to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Who We Are

Enabling the Future of Quantum Computing

A Center of Gravity for Quantum Computing

Quantinuum is the combination of Cambridge Quantum with Honeywell Quantum Solutions, structured to drive the future of quantum computing. By uniting best-in-class software and enabling tools with the best-performing quantum computers, we are delivering on the potential of quantum technology today. We aim to be a center of gravity for quantum computing, supporting collaboration across the ecosystem.

Science led, enterprise driven

Driven to Discover the Future

The combined company has a team of nearly 400 people. Among them you'll find the world's leading quantum computing hardware and software experts. Not only are they driven to discover the future, but they are also committed to change the world for the better.


Scaling Hardware from Theoretical to Commercial

The Quantinuum H1 trapped-ion quantum computers, Powered by Honeywell, continue to set new industry records for performance in terms of quantum volume. Our System Model H1-1 achieved a measured quantum volume of 1,024, the highest in the industry to date. The Quantinuum team can also perform quantum error correction protocols to detect and correct errors in real time. The next big step is to create multiple logical qubits, apply quantum error correction, and usher in a new era in fault-tolerant quantum computing.


Leading the Commercialization of Quantum Technologies

Cambridge Quantum (CQ) is a pioneer in the quantum software sector, and Quantinuum inherits a position of leadership in the commercialization of quantum technologies.

In 2021 alone, CQ open sourced TKET, a development toolkit that enables state-of-the-art optimization and manipulation of quantum circuits for NISQ devices, and, also open sourced is Lambeq, a quantum natural language processing toolkit. CQ also announced ground-breaking, practical advances in finance and banking and introduced quantum cybersecurity keys to protect corporate, government, and private data and communications. CQ has conducted the world's largest experiment in Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP), and has several ongoing commercial projects in material science and drug discovery.


Science led, enterprise driven

“Science led, enterprise driven” means that scientists and business leaders are working together to accelerate quantum computing and deliver on its potential.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Leading innovation and application of quantum technology today.