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Quantinuum Sets New Record with Highest Ever Quantum Volume

Simpler, faster and fewer errors: How arbitrary angle gates help increase H1’s quantum volume

The vanguard of a technical revolution

The people of Quantinuum are committed to enabling the application of quantum computing to the world's most pressing challenges. Everything we derive, create, and make will amplify the field.


Building a Robust Quantum Ecosystem

What problems are you trying to solve? Whether you are looking for a keen mind to help you solve a classically intractable problem or a full solution that takes advantage of our differentiated quantum hardware, we want to collaborate.

Join our worldwide ecosystem of universities, labs, and industry partners to collaborate with some of the best quantum researchers, developers, and problem-solvers in the field.


Develop Quantum Circuits Across Platforms

Software developers and algorithm designers in every field can take advantage of our open-access, architecture-independent quantum software stack and best-in-class development platform, TKET. Developers can work seamlessly across multiple platforms and tackle some of the most intriguing problems in chemistry, material science, finance, and optimization.


Real Quantum Business Solutions

Quantinuum has numerous business collaborations underway with major companies in nearly every industry. Our teams are working to solve real-world problems in automotive, pharmaceuticals, energy, chemicals, finance, supply chain, metals and mining, and semi-conductors, to name just a few.

We’re accelerating the future of quantum together