Protect your most valuable
data and assets with the
unparalleled strength of

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Experience the world’s only quantum-computing-hardened encryption keys, ensuring provably superior protection and allowing you to seamlessly strengthen your existing cybersecurity systems for enhanced security today, and into the future.

Trusted by world-renowned organizations

“Integrating Quantum Origin and VaultCore means that together we can deliver a solution that provides the strongest data security for our customers, without compromise.”

Chuck White
Chief Technology Officer, Fornetix

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“Thales and Quantinuum can help organizations build sustainable quantum resilience, to protect their business against ever-evolving quantum computing cybersecurity threats. Quantum Origin represents the next generation of quantum cybersecurity, built on stronger foundations than anything possible in the classical era.”

Blair Canavan
Director of Business Development Digital Identity and Security, Thales

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“At Honeywell, we are dedicated to reducing cyber risk for our customers, enabling them to fully leverage their connected technology. By incorporating Quantum Origin into our products, we enhance the security foundation that supports the integrity and longevity of their systems, ultimately providing greater value.”

Matthew Bohne
VP, Chief Product Security Officer, Honeywell

“By partnering with Quantinuum, our customers can browse the internet, confident their data is getting quantum-grade protection”

Uzair Gadit
Co-founder & CEO, PureVPN

“Integrating Quantum Origin assures our customers that they can build innovative IoT-based solutions on a platform they can trust to deliver speed and higher security, including postquantum algorithms support. As a result, customers and partners can use and sell our certification services securely for the long term.”

Yasutoshi Magara
President & CEO, Cybertrust Japan

Case studies

Quantum-grade privacy for up to 3 million internet users

Quantum resilience on software-based networks

What problems can Quantum Origin solve for your organization?

Protect your most valuable and sensitive data and assets

Effortlessly implement quantum-computing-hardened cryptographic keys

Every organization owns sensitive data that must be kept secret at all costs. Quantum Origin adds unmatched cryptographic strength to existing cybersecurity systems, giving your enterprise a long-term edge against cybercriminals.

Step up your security with cutting-edge cryptographic defenses

Show your dedication to
the very highest level of cybersecurity

Maintaining the trust of customers, shareholders, and regulators means adapting and strengthening your cybersecurity foundations. Adopting Quantum Origin showcases your commitment to staying ahead of potential threats.

Champion customer privacy and security

Let your customers know their data is safe with the ultimate in cryptographic protection

Customers are drawn to businesses and brands that do not accept anything less than the strongest cybersecurity and data protection measures. Quantum Origin verifiably strengthens the cryptographic protection around your technology and services, proving you take the privacy and security of your customers' data as seriously as they do.


Quantum Origin uses Quantinuum’s quantum computer to generate the strongest cryptographic keys, which help protect your most valuable data and assets against advancing cyberattacks:

Stay ahead of current and future threats

Quantum Origin generates cryptographic keys with unprecedented strength, for long-lasting defense against emerging cyber risks

Easy integration with existing infrastructure

Designed to work seamlessly with your current systems, Quantum Origin extends the life of your IT investments

Be ready for post-quantum standards

Quantum Origin supports both the new post-quantum algorithms being standardized by NIST and traditional algorithms (like RSA or AES)

A verifiable source of cryptographic strength

Quantum Origin’s advanced method generates provably strong cryptographic keys, eliminating one source of vulnerability

How Quantum Origin works


Quantum Origin uses a powerful quantum computer to generate a quantum cryptographic seed


It proves the strength of the seed using a technique which contributed to the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics


From this seed, Quantum Origin delivers quantum-computing-hardened keys online or directly to devices

Strengthen security for your connected devices

Strengthen protection for your infrastructure