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Provable quantum randomness for the strongest encryption

Protect your most critical data with provable quantum randomness from Quantum Origin.

Deploy anywhere, with no extra hardware, no cloud connection, and proven security. 

Welcome to the next generation of QRNG.

Trusted by world-renowned customers and partners

“Integrating Quantum Origin and VaultCore means that together we can deliver a solution that provides the strongest data security for our customers, without compromise.”

Chuck White
Chief Technology Officer, Fornetix

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“Thales and Quantinuum can help organizations build sustainable quantum resilience, to protect their business against ever-evolving quantum computing cybersecurity threats. Quantum Origin represents the next generation of quantum cybersecurity, built on stronger foundations than anything possible in the classical era.”

Blair Canavan
Director of Business Development Digital Identity and Security, Thales

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“At Honeywell, we are dedicated to reducing cyber risk for our customers, enabling them to fully leverage their connected technology. By incorporating Quantum Origin into our products, we enhance the security foundation that supports the integrity and longevity of their systems, ultimately providing greater value.”

Matthew Bohne
VP, Chief Product Security Officer, Honeywell

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“Integrating Quantum Origin assures our customers that they can build innovative IoT-based solutions on a platform they can trust to deliver speed and higher security, including postquantum algorithms support. As a result, customers and partners can use and sell our certification services securely for the long term.”

Yasutoshi Magara
President & CEO, Cybertrust Japan

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“Together with Quantinuum, we are building strong cybersecurity foundations for the future, one step at a time.”

Joe Tong
Senior Vice President of Global Channel Sales, Keyfactor

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"Senetas is committed to best-in-class data protection. By integrating Quantum Origin into our high-speed encryptors, our customers benefit from provable quantum entropy for stronger encryption keys.“

Julian Fay
CTO, Senetas

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Benefits of Quantum Origin

Protect critical data

Strengthen encryption with provable quantum randomness

Rapidly enhance cyber systems

Embed at scale with zero code changes and no extra hardware

Lead from the front

Demonstrate your commitment to security to your customers

How Quantum Origin works


Quantum Origin uses a powerful quantum computer to generate a quantum cryptographic seed


The seed quality is proven using a Bell test – a quantum technique that was awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics


The Quantum Origin software uses the embedded seed to enhance existing randomness in the target system. The result is near-perfect randomness. No hardware or a cloud connection is required