System Model H2: Challenging the limits of classical computing

Fault-tolerant quantum computing is on the horizon

System Model H2

Entering a New Phase of Quantum Computing with our Second-generation System

The System Model H2, Powered by Honeywell, is our latest generation of quantum computer. Featuring 56 fully-connected, high-fidelity qubits and a quantum volume of 262,144 (218), Quantinuum’s H2 processor is now impossible to fully simulate classically.

Projects Run on H2

The computational power of random quantum circuits in arbitrary geometries 

We ran Random Circuit Sampling, a classic algorithm designed to test the power of quantum computers against classical computers, and measured a 100x improvement over any previous result, setting a stunning new world record. This improvement is enabled by our trapped-ion architecture’s high fidelity and all-to-all connectivity, and underscores the power our quantum processor.

Measuring the Loschmidt amplitude for finite-energy properties of the Fermi-Hubbard model

A joint team of scientists at Quantinuum, NIST, and the University of Maryland have measured the Loschmidt amplitude of the Fermi-Hubbard model, demonstrating a vital tool for understanding enigmatic phases of matter such as superconductivity.

Sequence Processing with Quantum Tensor Networks

For the first time, Quantinuum researchers have run scalable quantum natural language processing (QNLP) models, able to parse and process real-world data, on a quantum computer.

H2 Benchmarking

A Race Track Trapped-Ion Quantum Processor

Quantinuum’s benchmarking assessment of the System Model H2’s performance is considered one of the most thorough assessments of any quantum system to date.

H2 Combinational Optimization

Exploring the neighborhood of 1-layer QAOA with Instantaneous Quantum Polynomial Circuits

Quantinuum’s machine learning team demonstrated a new heuristic optimization routine that can solve optimization problems with minimal quantum resources.

JPMC Paper

Alignment between Initial State and Mixer Improves QAOA Performance for Constrained Portfolio Optimization

Global Technology Applied Research at JPMorgan Chase demonstrated that the performance of the quantum alternating operator ansatz (QAOA) depends on the alignment between the initial state of QAOA and the ground state of the mixing Hamiltonian.

Meet Some of the Team Behind H2
Michael Mills
Senior Advanced Physicist

What is your role?

“I've been on the H2 team for three and a half years helping build up the system, and I'm currently focused on optimizing the performance and finding new ways to improve the fidelity of the H2 system.”

How does it feel to have achieved N=56?

“Being on the team to run the first quantum circuit with trapped ions with complexity beyond that of the world's most powerful classical computers has been incredibly exciting, and it's an honor to work among all the great scientists who have made this achievement possible.”

What does the N=56 upgrade mean for users/customers?

“The H2 system has always offered industry-leading fidelities. By scaling up to 56 qubits while maintaining (and even improving on) fidelity, an entirely new class of extremely complex circuits can be run with unprecedented fidelity.”

Joan Dreiling
Lead Physicist

What is your role?

“I am in charge of overseeing the transition of bringing new systems online.”

How does it feel to have achieved N=56?

“The upgrade of H2-1 is a major achievement of which the entire Quantinuum organization should be proud.”

What does the N=56 upgrade mean for users/customers?

“We now have more qubits than ever before, while still maintaining the high fidelities users expect from Quantinuum. This is a machine that can do incredible things!”

Peter Siegfried
Advanced Physicist

What is your role?

“I work on ion transport waveform development, testing, and implementation for H2.”

How does it feel to have achieved N=56?

“A lot of transport optimization, and completely rethinking transport operations went into this project to expand the capability of the H2 trap. Having it all succeed feels amazing, and I am extremely proud to have been a part of the team that brought it all together.”

What does the N=56 upgrade mean for users/customers?

“This N=56 upgrade scales up the qubit number of the H2 system to fully utilize the space offered by the H2 trap without any reduction in the world class all-to-all connectivity and gate performance Quantinuum is known for. This upgrade provides users with a real playground to explore in, opening the doors to probe deeper and more complex problems than ever before.”