Case Studies

Technology partners across industries have integrated Quantum Origin verifiable quantum randomness with their security solutions, expertise, and capabilities.

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Thales and Quantinuum launched the PQC Starter Kit to enable businesses to test quantum-enhanced PQC-ready encryption keys and understand the implications that quantum computing will have on the security of their infrastructure.


Honeywell uses Quantum Origin QRNG technology to help increase reliability and trust in the digitally transforming utilities sector.


By integrating Quantum Origin with their VaultCore® platform, Fornetix created an integrated solution that protects sensitive communications through the automated management of quantum-enhanced cryptographic keys.


Keyfactor backed by Quantum Origin enables organizations to shift to PKI in the cloud and manage millions of post-quantum keys.


Senetas Cyber Security Solutions is partnering with Quantinuum to build Quantum Origin into point-to-point network encryption.


Cybertrust integrated Quantum Origin into a new certificate issuance and distribution platform for IoT devices to ensure secure communications now and into the future.


EAGLYS integrated Quantum Origin as part of their quantum-resistant data analytics (AI) platform, DataArmor. This integration strengthens the resilience of DataArmor against the threat of a quantum-computing-based attack.


Fujitsu and Quantinuum have partnered to build quantum resilience on software-based networks and demonstrate QRNG integration on the Fujitsu SD Wan.

Axiom Space

Quantinuum and Axiom Space partner to use Quantum Origin as a secure communication option for commercial customers using the ISS and, later, its successor spacecraft.