Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Discovering the potential of QAI

The Transformational Potential of QAI

Just like classical AI, quantum AI includes the use of quantum computing for the computation of machine learning algorithms, modelling language through Quantum Computational Linguistics (QCL), and the development of Compositional Intelligence (CI). Thanks to the computational advantages of quantum computing, our scientists working in quantum AI are already achieving results not possible with classical computers.

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Quantum Natural Language Processing Software

LAMBEQ is an open-sourced software library that enables the design and implementation of end-to-end Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP) pipelines.

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Quantum Compositional Intelligence

Mathematical connections between quantum theory and language models allow us to implement linguistic and generalized intelligence models on quantum computers.

Quantum Machine Learning

The Quantum Machine Learning (QML) team is on a mission is to deliver high-impact software applications for a wide spectrum of industries. Working to close the divide between theoretical and practical quantum computation, the team is focused on scientific ingenuity, application pioneering, and near-term impact.

Quantum Machine Learning Team

Quantum Algorithms

Our algorithms teams are continually discovering and implementing new quantum algorithms on all available hardware. Focused on real-world problems, they are working toward better scalability, efficiency, and solution quality.

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