Get Ready for Post-Quantum with the PQC Starter Kit

NIST will standardize post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms in 2024. Security teams must start strengthening their cryptographic defensive layers to build quantum resilience.

NIST has urged organizations to prepare for this complex migration process by trialling PQC-ready technologies in representative test environments. Testing new technologies allows security teams to assess risks and complexities before releasing systems into full-scale production.

Security teams must:
  • Transition to NIST’s PQC algorithms
  • Harden key management processes
  • Strengthen key generation technologies

Thales and Quantinuum have partnered to create a PQC Starter Kit that accelerates the testing of a quantum-safe architecture and maximizes the strength of layered cryptographic defenses.

  • Rapidly deploy a complete test environment
  • Explore quantum-safe use cases and technology
  • Mitigate risks ahead of PQC migration

PQC Starter Kit:

Thales Luna 7 HSMs are high-assurance, network-attached appliances that manage keys across an organization’s cryptographic infrastructure.

Quantum Origin is the software module that quantum-hardens key generation to maximize protection for encrypted data and communications.

The latest NIST PQC algorithms encrypt sensitive data and communications to protect them from theft and manipulation in the quantum era.


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