Cambridge Quantum Expands Commercial Activity and Investment in Germany

April 20, 2022


Strong focus on advancing research and enterprise applications of quantum computing

Cambridge Quantum (CQ), the global leader in quantum software, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantinuum, the world’s leading integrated quantum computing company, is pleased to announce the continuation of its expansion across Europe with the opening of its new office in Munich, Germany.

The creation and rapid expansion of the new company, CQ Deutschland (CQD), underlines Quantinuum’s commitment to the ambitious project of the German government in supporting and promoting quantum technologies and quantum computing. Cambridge Quantum already has a scientific team in Munich that complements its existing work in ab-initio Quantum Chemistry with a model-based perspective from Condensed Matter Physics. The goal of the Condensed Matter Group in Munich is to develop algorithms and software that will be the driver of strongly correlated systems research and the commercialisation of quantum materials. Cambridge Quantum will continue to expand its collaboration with enterprise, government and academic partners in Germany on chemistry, optimization, finance, cybersecurity, and quantum machine learning and natural language processing in order to grow the industry's quantum computing ecosystem.

“The next milestone in quantum computation is delivering useful applications for the rapidly improving quantum hardware. Achieving this requires a combined effort in the fields of quantum software, quantum algorithms, and quantum hardware,” said Dr Henrik Dreyer, Cambridge Quantum Deutschland’s Scientific Lead, “The German quantum computing ecosystem is exceptionally well positioned in these areas. We look forward to joining the community, in which our team of expert scientists can continue to develop applications for quantum computing in collaboration with industry, government and academic partners.”