Quantinuum H1, Powered by Honeywell

The Quantinuum H1, Powered by Honeywell is the first quantum computer to pass the Quantum Volume 1024 benchmark


Take a spin on our quantum computer

The Quantinuum H1 generation of quantum computers, Powered by Honeywell, is available commercially.

With high-fidelity, fully connected qubits and features like mid-circuit measurement and qubit reuse, our system enables quantum developers to design deeper, more meaningful circuits.  This will accelerate organizations along the path to value. 

The Quantinuum H1 generation, currently consisting of two computers, the H1-1 and the H1-2, are fully accessible over the cloud and compatible with a variety of software frameworks. It became the first quantum computer to pass the Quantum Volume 1024 benchmark, a metric introduced by IBM to measure the overall capability and performance of a quantum computing system regardless of technology. The achievement marks a new record for performance in terms of quantum volume, and is the third such record set by the System Model H1 since it was launched in fall 2020.  It also fulfills a promise that Honeywell Quantum Solutions, now Quantinuum, would increase the quantum volume of its commercial offerings by an order of magnitude each year for the next five years.

Optimize Circuits

Historically, developers evaluated quantum algorithms on classical computers that performed basic simulations of quantum computers because the latter did not exist. Now that commercial quantum computers are available, these classical simulators have taken on a new role. Researchers and developers use them to de-bug and optimize circuits before running them on actual hardware, and also to verify and validate data and results generated by today’s quantum computers, which are early stage and are prone to noise or interference. 

Classical simulators struggle to account for this noise because they cannot mimic the physical operations of real quantum devices. This limits how accurately they can predict how well quantum circuits will perform on actual quantum hardware, which makes it harder to identify and fix bugs or issues beforehand. 

Which is why we have introduced the H1 Emulator and is making it available to customers. The emulator includes a noise model that mimics the operations of our H1 generation quantum computers, which results in more realistic data and a better sense of how a quantum circuit will perform.

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